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1. resolution noun. ['ˌrɛzəˈluːʃən'] a formal expression by a meeting; agreed to by a vote. Synonyms resolve written document papers document declaration Rhymes with Resolution redistribution electrocution counterrevolution distribution contribution substitution retribution prostitution prosecution constitution restitution persecution lilliputian.

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Synonyms for 'In resolving'. Best synonyms for 'in resolving' are 'in addressing', 'address' and 'in the settlement'.

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Trying to find another word for most resolving in English? No problem. Our thesaurus contains synonyms of most resolving in 32 different contexts. We have listed all the similar and related words for most resolving alphabetically.

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Solving Word Questions. With LOTS of examples! In Algebra we often have word questions like: Example: Sam and Alex play tennis. On the weekend Sam played 4 more games than Alex did, and together they played 12 games. ... I hope these examples will help you get the idea of how to handle word questions. Now how about some practice?. new year's resolution (=a resolution made on january 1st) 4 determination [ uncountable] strong belief and determination then, with sudden resolution, she stood up. 5 clear picture [ countable, uncountable] the power of a television, camera, microscope etc to give a clear picture high/low resolution (=how clear or unclear the picture is).

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